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Our History

In the past 35 years interest rates have dropped from all-time highs to all-time lows, and the stock market has risen over 19-fold.

Our Primary Purpose

We’ve seen the financial markets interpret the economic health of America and the World, through good times and bad; through wars, recessions, real estate collapses, a pandemic and more than one black swan.  Yet as time marches forward and everything changes it’s always the American exceptionalism that leads to our recovery and new heights in science, technology and lifestyle. 

Having worked as a Financial Advisor and Manager for several Wall Street firms over the years, I’ve discovered that no firm has the same desire to provide excellent service as I do personally.   Nine years ago, my son Andy, joined me to provide a client relationship that would be ongoing, from generation to generation.  We’ve worked hard to create a client experience emphasizing honesty, integrity and concierge-level service.  When we’ve gotten to know you and hopefully your whole family, we can help you financially, from Generation to Generation. 

Andy and I have built Generation to Generation Financial to take more control over our security offerings, client service and where we do business, in order to provide our client families with a better overall experience.  We’ve taken care to select partners who will help us provide more ways to help you manage your money today and plan for your family’s future tomorrow.  As the future unfolds let our Generation to Generation Financial family help your family to financially move from generation to generation.   

Our Approach

When I started out as a financial advisor thirty-five years ago, the world was a very different place. Desk-top computers were just being introduced by the likes of Michael Dell and Steve Jobs.  Microsoft was introducing Excel and making Word for Macintosh.  Ron Regan was beginning his second term in office and Space Shuttle flights were becoming commonplace.  Financial advisors fielded questions about individual stocks discussing P/E ratios and dividend yields.

Our Primary Purpose

Today our approach is much more holistic, encompassing many personal and family goals. Andy’s CFP® certification gives you confidence a comprehensive plan covers your goals, taxes and insurance.  Andy’s experience and education allows you to relax and feel confident of the decisions you make together.  With the bulk of Andy’s career in front of him he’ll be there for you and your family from generation to generation.

The increase in computing power available today helps us guide a longer-term trajectory to help achieve important goals.  Our connectivity allows us to be nearly anywhere and still answer our calls, e-mails, texts, or social media messengers.  Yet one thing remains the same: our values.

Our Values

With our client’s needs and goals foremost, we work to understand our client’s risk, to provide appropriate investments that are geared to our client’s needs and comfort level. Our honesty and integrity will ensure that we’re looking out for you first and foremost, never putting ourselves or the firm before you.  Our empathy allows us to see our client’s perspectives and make the decisions that help them feel good about moving forward financially.

Andrew Norris

Co-Founder & Wealth Manager

(503) 821-7132


Over the past 9 years as a financial advisor, I’ve gained an invaluable amount of experience helping clients and navigating the financial landscape. During this time, I’ve also achieved my CFP® certification by passing...

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RJ Norris

Co-Founder & Wealth Manager

(503) 821-7134


In 1985 I started my career with little experience but heavy on the things that have endured during my career: Honesty, Integrity and Empathy. Those powerful attributes have allowed me to create family relationships that have endured...

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